lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Shyheim - AKA the Rugged Child (1994)

01. Here come the hits
02. On and on (con June Luva y Milk D)
03. Pass it off (con Rubbabandz, Down Low Recka y K-Tez)
04. Never say never (interlude)
05. One's 4 da money
06. Here I am (con Down Low Recka)
07. Move it over here (con Pop Da Brown Hornet)
08. Buckwylyn
09. You the man (con Down Low Recka)
10. Napsack
11. The rugged onez (con June Luva, Prophet y Quasi)
12. Little rascals
13. 4 the headpiece (interlude)
14. Party's goin on
15. Shouts on the outs

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